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Small circle

It goes from the right ventricle to the left atrium.From the right ventricle it originates the pulmonary artery or trunk, which divides into right and left pulmonary arteries directed towards the hilum of the respective lungs.These are capillarized right inside the lungs, where carbon dioxide is released (CO 2 ) and oxygen is taken (O 2 ). The blood so charged with oxygen returns to the heart thanks to the … Continue reading Small circle »

Systemic circle

The systemic circle goes from the left ventricle to the right atrium. From the left ventricle originates the aorta, which branches into smaller vessels gradually going to vascularize the various organs and tissues. Then from the left ventricle the oxygenated blood reaches the rest of the body. Through the capillaries oxygen (O 2 ) is transferred to the tissues and carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) is detected, so that the arterial … Continue reading Systemic circle »

Work of the heart

It consists of two fundamental moments: - diastole → filling - systole → emptying The blood flows to the atria through the pulmonary veins and the superior vena cava; the atrioventricular valves are initially open and the semilunars closed (the semilunar ones enter the large efferent vessels, pulmonary trunk and aorta). The blood then flows into the ventricles simply by gravity; when the ventricle is filled for 2/3 part the impulse (from … Continue reading Work of the heart »