Relations of the heart

The heart has an anterosuperior (or sternocostal) face, a posterior (or diaphragmatic) face, a base and an apex 

Let's see in a systematic way what the relations are.

Face anterosuperior or sternocostal

  1. costal cartilages (from III to VI)
  2. back side of the breastbone

It is covered by the anterior margins of the lung if not for the aia of cardiac dullness , a sort of window that allows to glimpse part of the right ventricle, in direct contact with the anterior thoracic wall.

Back or diaphragmatic face

  1. center frenico of the diaphragm
  2. on the right with the left lobe of the liver (through the diaphragm)
  3. left with the stomach (through the diaphragm)

Base of the heart

The base of the heart as we saw earlier is occupied by the vascular pedicle (aorta, pulmonary trunk and pulmonary veins) and is located in the anterior mediastinum. In relation:

  • on the right: with the medial face of the right lung
  • left and back: with the esophagus

Apex of the heart

It is located at the fifth intercostal space on the left.

In relation:

  • with the chest wall (surrounded by the cardiac measurement of the anterior border of the left lung)
  • left margin: located in the cardiac fossa for the heart (medial face of the left lung)
  • right margin: in relation to the diaphragm


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