Survey: Are People Aware about the Exponential Growth of AI?

In the pictures that I showed you before, more than the half (57%) of the sample answered that they do not want that AI knows what they need before them. Here, what surprised me was the other 39% who will be happy of that. This is pretty impressive to me and honestly, I think that it is really difficult to answer to this question because I cannot imagine that a robot or a software would know before me what I need.

Question number 8, was asked to understand the willingness of people to acquire new skills and more than the 83% of them asked positively. The second pie chart below is about one of the hottest topic of modern society. We all know that technology development has both advantages and disadvantages but what worries people is the high number of workers who are losing their jobs because the workforce is increasingly being automated. Indeed, automation will have a far reaching impact on the global workforce and AI will lift productivity and economic growth. Jobs like office support and predictable physical work will diminish more and more. Automation will have a big impact even on care providers as it is already happening in the United States.


In my opinion, open questions are the most interesting ever because they leave the respondent an high level of freedom in saying what they want. This question in particular "What would AI be never able to do?" was my favorite since I was really curious to know what people would have answered. As you can see, there are some common answers like "I do not know", "Feel emotions/feelings" but there are some others which are really interesting. Some people rightly point out the inability of the artificial intelligence to have sexual relations and have children; some others talk about the impossibility to think, imagine, create, read in thought, have physiological needs, feel empathy etc. There are two good answers that have caught my attention and on which we could open a debate (leave a comment below to say your own opinion!):

- "Make unplanned choice";
- "Die biologically speaking".

>> In the next page, I will show you two other interesting graphs: one about another open question and the other one about Alibaba and unemployment in China. <<