Survey: Are People Aware about the Exponential Growth of AI?

As I mentioned before, people are really worried about losing their jobs and this is shown in the graph above in which the 53% of the sample stated that "
it scares me". Some are aware of it and some others believe that it will take more time. There is also a skeptical that states "sometimes estimates are wrong". Who looks at the half-full glass are: a girl who believes that although many works will disappear with automation, it will help to create new ones; and a man who hopes to be still alive when all this will happen (we hope for you too, man!).

I decided to ask the next question to make respondents more aware of what it's happening around us. We are not just talking about estimates and hypotheses, we're talking about real facts: in China, 7/10 workers of an Alibaba warehouse have been replaced by robots. The same thing has actually happened in Amazon warehouses in which robots use to transport packs around. As I thought, the 45% of the sample is very scared about it, but there are also an other 11% of people who declare to be not scared at all (good for them!).

>> In the next and last page, I will show you which are the expectations of common people about the development of AI. <<